Available exclusively at the finest optical retailers and specialty boutiques around the world, we are the ONLY practice carrying Oliver Peoples in the Treasure Valley! The bold, intellectual styles and customized comfort has made Oliver Peoples famous. Their subtle branding has also made Oliver Peoples the must have for Hollywood Stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, Katie Holmes, and many more. Stop in to see for yourself what everyone is talking about!


Some sunglasses protect your eyes. Others protect your image. But the Oakley sunglasses protect both. The ophthalmic Active line polishes your refined look with Oakley’s originality, while the Lifestyle frames give you a unique, rebellious look that Oakley has turned into an art form. Oakley Women’s eyewear collection turns the glasses from everyday life into a uniquely beautiful art form.


This frame line carries a sense of purity, elegance and attention to detail that is true to the Coach name. The Coach woman understands that looking graceful from head to toe doesn’t happen by accident. The Coach frame brings her look together. Every frame is perfectly trimmed with the same buckles, kissing-C’s, and color details Coach is famous for.


We recommend advanced lens options based on the latest technologies, because an important part of eyecare is selecting the right lens for you and your lifestyle.